Chemo 3

Half way there. Hurrah! That was the last of the fizzybum chemo.

I’m a bit knackered, but nothing a good sleep won’t fix. The hospital car park was a complete mess, apparently those big arrows on the ground are nothing more than a vague suggestion. “You’re going the wrong bloody way FFS!”, then having a total panic that they’ll be sat in the chair next to me for the next 3 hours. I missed the tea trolley. No, not in the car park, things hadn’t got quite so bad that Costa had deployed a mobile unit.  The lovely volunteer had trundled off to dispense tea and Jammy Dodgers elsewhere by the time I got to the ward. I was really quite miffed, if people had only followed the arrows….like I kept telling them to.

I’ll be back after I’ve caught up on tea and sleep. But…did I mention…I’m half way there. That’ll do for today.


3 Replies to “Chemo 3”

  1. Well done you. I know you are going to be very tired today but was wondering if I can swing by around 4 today?. Xx


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